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We are in the Harrogate, North Yorkshire area.


Our first frosts will start to arrive at the end of September or early October.


Our last predicted frost should be during the second week of May.


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Our intrepid Chicken Reporter (The Rooster) tells of life in the hen house.


The chickens are doing well in spite of damp conditions down in their area. We are getting 8-10 eggs a day from 11 chickens which is good for these short days.


Their outer run (ambitiously known as “The Paddock”) is waterlogged so we would be really grateful if any greens that plot holders may kindly donate could be left near the storage shed rather than thrown over the fence.


We are concerned about the smallest chicken who is being hen pecked, but this is normal behaviour and difficult to stop. The recent addition of a hanging ball of seeds might help as boredom could be the problem! We are aware of the current issue with bird flu, but our girls should be protected as it is spread by wild birds who are unable to access their run.


The chicken cooperative recently held their annual Christmas dinner and no, chicken was not on the menu!!






Notes from the Hive


My Bees are clustered together on these chilly cold days and feeding on my honey or our keepers fondant, she`s a nice lass and I do enjoy her rolled out icing.


I don`t want my subjects to venture out of the hive just now as there is not much for them to forage on and they only waste energy that they could be expending to look after me, its a hard life!


Freda pays us a visit from time to time but she won`t open up the hive until the air temperature is about 12 degrees as the poor dears do get chilled and become a bit confused as to where home is.


Like Freda and her friends we are looking forward to the spring, some sunshine and getting back onto the allotments, Freda  wants to sow new crops and flower plants and my bees like to forage on all those lovely pollen bearing flowers and tree blossom.


Life is good, NOW where`s my

honey and fondant.






PS Thanks Freda

The Bees have  permanently left the site and are not expected to return.

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