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We are in the Harrogate, North Yorkshire area.


Our first frosts will start to arrive at the end of September or early October.


Our last predicted frost should be during the second week of May.


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Water to the site is



The Site Shop is "Closed" until further notice

The Plot Letting Manager is changing following the AGM, details to follow, but can still be contacted via

Services for Plot Holders


Click here to see details of local services available to allotmenteers

Greenhouse, Shed or Polly Tunnel erection


If you would like to erect either a Greenhouse, Shed or Polly Tunnel on your plot please complete and send the form below to the Secretary (Wendy Hudson).


Application form to erect a Greenhouse, Shed or Polly Tunnel.


Click here to access a Guide for New Gardeners / Plot Holders


Provides good basic advice that we all can use

Allotment & Gardens

Grow Your Own - Gardening Help

Fruit-Vegetable growing by Month


Where have all the trees gone?


It has been noted that a large number of trees have been felled or removed from the site over the last couple of years.


We encourage the planting of suitable trees especially those bearing fruit.


As agreed at the 2016 AGM all plotholders are required to apply to the committee before removing any tree from their plot.


A link to an application form will be posted here shortly

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